"Some men are chained to a life they cannot change"
"Some men are chained to a life they cannot change"
  • "Just call me outlaw..nobody knows my name" waylon henley

    CMA OF TEXAS 2018 Rising Star Recipient

    "Some men are chained to a life they cannot change" waylon henley

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    The story is in the journey...

    "If your goal is to turn a dream into reality, go all the way.  Otherwise, dont' begin the journey.  If this is your soul's urging, it will be beyond question and you will make your peace with the calling.  Your heart will know the sacrifices made along the way have their places in your dream, maybe not clearly understood in a daily self-inventory of life's accomplishments, but you will know without question the fire within burns with or without your permission.  It is always in the destination that you find your answer.  The real truth...the real story in the living of one's life, is in the journey".

    Waylon  Henley is a singer/songwriter/performer. Born in the Mississippi Delta  and raised in Southern Oklahoma, Waylon  Henley’s relationship with  music began at an early age. The connection  to and love for country  music is rooted deeply within Waylon’s DNA.  Waylon’s father, Billy Jack  Henley, played with and considered Waylon Jennings a close friend and  chose to name his son after the legend. There’s little wonder that  Henley began writing songs and performing at a young age, it was his destiny...outlaw country. youtube country music waylon henley


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